All of the kids broke away from their mothers and rushed to the ramp where we could look at the landing. The battlecruiser hovered above the ground for a few moments when the anthem started intonating in the signal. I felt the tune vibrating in my antlers, drew a smile on my face with a strong sense of pride.

The door opened and our troops started pouring out of the cruiser. I saw my father in his war armor walking towards us, hiding his face in the helmet. He came close and mother hugged him while I hang on his leg and rejoiced his return. Just when I brought my head up, I saw my mother kissing him and tears of joy.

The puls flash ride took us home where family and friends threw a party for him. I saw signals of joy clashing in between the people around the table. I marked today’s date in the calendar with red letters that said “happiness”.

Strange, nobody asked father of his duties and what he did out there. Maybe nobody cared that much to give attention to something that was usual for a soldier to do when he is far from home. As always, they thought he saw a lot of strange aliens and defended the mothership like he supposed to. My antlers burned with question, and when the night came, my father decided to put me to sleep.

– Dad, what are humans like? – I asked opening my pupils wide at him and he smiled with discomfort.

– They are a very strange sort of creatures, with a great potential to do many things. Highly intelligent, but very divisive. – Dad said staring at one dot while his antlers spoke of his emotions he tried to hide.

– Are they enemy? – my antlers flinched, but his arm slided over my head where he laid a warm kiss.

– No. They are not a threat to us. They are galaxies away and they can’t hurt us. Even if they did, they would need to unite and that is just impossible for them to do. You see, humans have that encrusted shell nobody can see. They call it suspicion and they see everything through that shell. We had problem to show them we were a friendly colony from another world, because they can’t smell that good like us. Some said we looked like drunk younglings while trying to prove we are not there to harm them. – father said and I giggled at the thought of our military pretending to be young boys, – Now, go to sleep. We have nectar for breakfast.


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  4. interesting text :)) Review: 4 from 5!
    I have a question to ask…why when we are talking about other galaxies or aliens etc..,we always think they have the same kind of family-structure or some kind of the relationships and kids…
    Just interested in ur opinion.

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