Captain of the Silver Feather

Flames outlined their shape on the armor as they stepped out of the darkness. "This is the ninth village, Captain. The Ashgadis have outsmarted us again, ”Nanur said plainly, turning to the Captain behind the line of horsemen. "It was as if their horses had been given wings and rushed to burn the legacy of Kord … Continue reading Captain of the Silver Feather

Collision (story and critique)

Dead of night, Lily woke up coughing and got up. She went to the bathroom hissing about the headache. Her vision resembled a light moving too fast, like an inferno rising around her. Pain in her head must have been a side effect of the treatments. The bathroom switch clicked, but Lily only saw darkness. … Continue reading Collision (story and critique)

Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)

I counted 18 425 days since my activation. Time flies when you are seeking the next mission. My front deck crackled above the cooling heart of 1 500 horsepower, while the core status flashed red. Rustling dry grass rippled in the vast dark-yellow field touched by the wind. My filters registered pollution in the smooth … Continue reading Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)