Night time blabbering 73

Wow. You guys were responsive. I am pleasantly surprised. I appreciate your loyalty to this blog. It would be redundant for me to say how much this makes me happy. One of the best things I ever did was to make this blog. See, good things happen to those that follow their dreams. If I can do it from the God forgotten place, that means you can do it to.

Really being positive here. I did made some corrections in my collection of short stories, so now I wait on my editor to tell me when is he free to dive in this mess and sort it out. In my spare time, I managed to do a big chunk of my second novel and I really got to the good stuff, but that will have to wait for tomorrow.

I plan of going to bed early and get back to my routine where my whole life was in balance. One thing I hope for is to have electricity, because we started having these annoying surges and I freaking’ hate them. Just when I start editing, the power goes out. Makes me wanna do something. Ugh, life people, this is life.

Kitten of course has not one worry in the world. Be like Kitten.

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400 Checkpoint, Quill Commander Award by Dronstad

I am so grateful to all the bloggers who are reading my stories. Your activity feeds my creativity and so I grow. It is my grand pleasure to promote some of you who are exceptionally active on my blog and not afraid to leave a comment and critique me. Just with your kind words and work, you have deserved this award numerous time already and I have no words that would describe what I feel today.

Usually I am not a guy of few words, but for the reasons I make this post, I don’t have much to say, just smile and enjoy the day. Without stalling, let’s begin.

But how will you soar for the stars if you don’t have wings? I present you with the “Dronstad Cyber Wings”, an emblem of 42. Cyber Corps of Dronstad Army.

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The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different Countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love.

The rules:

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Night time blabbering 72

Ughhhh, edit again. I keep taking pauses to rest my mind from this staring at the screen. Sometimes I can’t concentrate properly and I keep feeling I am just wasting time instead of sitting down one day and do this edit. Every night I get ready to sleep, and every night I think “Tomorrow, no bullshit. The whole day, I will edit this thing.”, and every morning I keep watching YouTube videos, some are informative, some just dank memes to make me laugh. I can’t make myself sit around the clock and really dedicate to editing.

Instead, I have a pact with myself and that is to do at least one story a day. Edit, just one story, and for a month my job will be done. That seems reasonable enough. And it has a positive side. I am taking rest, so my eyes are getting better. No pain when I read, no tears when I run over the text, but the damn insomnia is really punching me in the brain. Sometimes I feel hungover, even if I haven’t drank alcohol for like two months.

Weird me, nothing special. Yeah, keep this short. Nighty night y’all.


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All of the kids broke away from their mothers and rushed to the ramp where we could look at the landing. The battlecruiser hovered above the ground for a few moments when the anthem started intonating in the signal. I felt the tune vibrating in my antlers, drew a smile on my face with a strong sense of pride.

The door opened and our troops started pouring out of the cruiser. I saw my father in his war armor walking towards us, hiding his face in the helmet. He came close and mother hugged him while I hang on his leg and rejoiced his return. Just when I brought my head up, I saw my mother kissing him and tears of joy.

The puls flash ride took us home where family and friends threw a party for him. I saw signals of joy clashing in between the people around the table. I marked today’s date in the calendar with red letters that said “happiness”.

Strange, nobody asked father of his duties and what he did out there. Maybe nobody cared that much to give attention to something that was usual for a soldier to do when he is far from home. As always, they thought he saw a lot of strange aliens and defended the mothership like he supposed to. My antlers burned with question, and when the night came, my father decided to put me to sleep.

– Dad, what are humans like? – I asked opening my pupils wide at him and he smiled with discomfort.

– They are a very strange sort of creatures, with a great potential to do many things. Highly intelligent, but very divisive. – Dad said staring at one dot while his antlers spoke of his emotions he tried to hide.

– Are they enemy? – my antlers flinched, but his arm slided over my head where he laid a warm kiss.

– No. They are not a threat to us. They are galaxies away and they can’t hurt us. Even if they did, they would need to unite and that is just impossible for them to do. You see, humans have that encrusted shell nobody can see. They call it suspicion and they see everything through that shell. We had problem to show them we were a friendly colony from another world, because they can’t smell that good like us. Some said we looked like drunk younglings while trying to prove we are not there to harm them. – father said and I giggled at the thought of our military pretending to be young boys, – Now, go to sleep. We have nectar for breakfast.


Ants Dronstad

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Night time blabbering 71

I got nothing much to say. I did my usual things, managed to edit a story and wrote one for the daily prompt. The rest of the afternoon I spent watching some movies of which one of them was the Black Panther. The recording was very poor but watchable so I did it anyway.

I must say that I wasn’t impressed that much. To me, the plot was simple, easy going and deja vu of many action elements cramped together. Seriously, if you see the plot for what it is, there is not much tension and if it was, the director made sure he removed it. I expected some crazy good plot twists and mystery to be present more that just action and visual effects.

I liked the cast and their characters. They were formed very well and the performance was brilliant, but I thought they will have much more to do, some epic reveal, some heavy change of hearts and maybe more dramatic betrayal. All I am saying is THE STORY SHOULD HAVE BEEN DEEPER AND HARDER AND WITH A STRONG PUNCH IN THE END.

On the other side, the success of this movie will hopefully open the door for different aspects on culture and further implementation of other characters. Marvel is really trying to break the barriers of what is a “common hero/super villain”, but I would suggest some more plot overlapping and more turbulence in the story.

It is more based on the culture and current political and social situation in the USA, so instantly you know who is targeted population for this movie. Bad side of it, the MCU is a worldwide brand and so other continents can just see the argument, but not really understand it in full, because we don’t share the same problems.

Even there is a social discussion in the movie, the makers of the Black Panther somehow missed to provide the reason why multiculturalism is an answer to the Wacanda problem. If the whole their society flourished in total isolation similar to North Korea, how come this thing everybody avoided, became a right path for an advanced culture such is Kingdom of Wacanda?

Call me stupid, but do leave me your thoughts on this.

Kitten will appreciate it.

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This headline is waaaay longer than the life of the heroine in this story, but I know you’ll just skip it anyway, so let’s see how the Mary’s life ended in a very tragic circumstances. Shall we?


Big Deal

Running water

Ann came from behind and smiled at the bright colors I stared at. She could see a waterfall rustling in the distance, the rainbow escaping the stream of water, the red cliffs and sunset that made landscape melting in pink and purple.

– Out all the places we have visited, you always come to this planet. May I ask why do you like this one that much? – she ran her hand over my back and sat near me never abandoning that smile.

– It’s home. Love makes everything more beautiful than it already is. – I said satisfied and feeling bliss.

– I suppose that’s true. It only amazes me of how can you stare at something so static. – she added looking at my space suit and moved her gaze to the horizon.

– Nothing is constant in life. That is what gives hope. Knowing that things can change gives us strength to take actions and make improvements in our lives. Everything is changing, even if we can’t see it. Nothing is constant but your questions. – I smiled and she smiled back at me with a light smirk, – We change while we grow. Life changes to the very atom that runs in it. Energy changes from one form to another. The whole universe is constantly stretching. We all change with the changes. Isn’t that what we do here? – I asked not giving her the look, when she gasped at the landscape.

– You are giving a poetic meaning to the mission. At least you are not heartless, even if our job is not something people support and admire. Someone needs to clean the useless mass in the universe. So many destruction happened in the intergalactic wars. We can’t let it fester the rest of the living universe. Survival I guess. – she got on her feet, ran her hand over my back again and paused, – We have a lot of work to do. You take a few more minutes and don’t forget to turn off the simulation when you are done. – she gave me a vague smile and walked away.


Waterfall Dronstad

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Night time blabbering 70

So you probably wonder where the hell am I? Don’t worry, I am not gone to wage wars on distant planets, I am still here, fighting a battle for my writing career. Yes, it is bloody. Many pages have died in the process, but yet there is ink in my quill. With a steely eyes I look in the distance, hope for a bright future and await the dawn as a second birth of the writer I am.

Because I don’t like sitting and doing nothing, I am now working edit on my collection AND my second novel. Yeah, I am in my seventh gear right now and it is going well. Every second day, I switch from one thing to another and so I am managing to run both of my missions with a harsh discipline I built for myself.

After I finish one more story from the shorties, I can get back to blogging. Nothing is for sure as you seen already, but I try to keep all things within my hands and balance all of my work. To you, this sounds as a lot of work, and you are right. It is, but I hope for the great achievement and reward at the end.

Don’t feel sorry for me or anything. I choose to do this, nobody made me. This builds character and gives you some routine in life.

I am very active. I am not like some other lazy creatures out there. Watching at you Kitten.

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Night time blabbering 69

Hello there y’all. Today is a zero day of me trying to sort out my work. I managed to convince my editor in doing the job, but I made it a lot easier for him to do it and left a little space for him to decline the offer. It will be very hard to do everything and the machine will start operating the next month. This leaves me time to run over all of my stories and do the needed changes before he can get his fingers in it.

It also took me the whole day to do a story because I was extra careful to do it properly and I think I have something that will work. As I said in the previous blabbering, you need to start the whole thing with setting a bomb to go off and I made a huge one. Every story that follows will have some thread stretching from this one moment and it will be a plot that runs through all of the stories. Whoever gets to read this, it will find pieces of the puzzle to collect and I hope when the end comes, it will be a grandiose masterpiece that will just leave him in awe.

Or maybe not, I am being subjective here. It is hard to estimate the people’s reactions, but as I said, I hope for the best and write on.

I would like to thank all of the people who read my post and gave me their support. It is so nice of you to react that way on something I call a blabbering and give little worth. This is me just talking about my life and creative process. And for those that don’t know, this blabbering are being deleted after some period of time, because I want my stories to speak of my creative process, not me actually telling you what that is. Some don’t like that, but this is my author’s platform for those that just can’t get enough of sci fi and ocasional bloodbath.

 Thanks again to all who is here and being supportive. Sometimes I want to smile like an idiot and pet my Kitten.

Dronstad Kitten

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Night time blabbering 68

First of all, welcome to new followers. I hope you will like what I write and enjoy reading it. Second, I have some news.

I was contacted by my editors… Things are not good. Apparently, my collections is a serious mess and at this point they don’t want to deal with it. I forgot about the readers who are not following my blog, and so there are a lot of things I missed.

A critique that I got was pretty elaborate and detailed. Among many things that are wrong, I will list that my collection of short stories starts pretty weak and not explosive enough to catch attention. Not a strong beginning and that needs to change. Then there are characters that my editor said are forgettable and too similar. My English skills are limited and I have a lot of grammatical errors.

For the reasons only known to me, I tend to use Serbian sayings and form words that don’t seem logical and understandable. I must find better comparison for the text and to quote my editor: “Use the phrases you are familiar with and use them carefully”.

All of this means that there is a lot of work to be done if I want this to be somewhat appealing and then try finding an editor again. Now, this means that my break from writing is over and I need to hit this ASAP and hard if I want to make it. This also means I will not be blogging that much, which is a bad news for fresh followers and my Commanders.

I could be re-uploading some old stuff that I have here and keep the blabbering. Maybe I will do some story, but I really can’t let this burn in the back of my head. I need to make this collection happen and then there will be a lot more work on formatting the text, implementing all of the other stuff that a book has. It is Hell, but I chose this path and I must take this journey.

Now if you are worried because of my previous complaints about my eyes, long hours spent by the computer and my stubborness to take rest, don’t worry. I am taking care of myself. I changed my sleeping hours so I just might kick insomnia out and finally get some quality sleep.

Sorry guys. I will try to read your stuff and be as active as I can, but if I am not here, you can always find me on Facebook or Twitter.

Also, say hello to the official 42. Cyber Corps mascot, the Kitten.

Dronstad Kitten

Yeah, some stories are in order.

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Night time blabbering 67

Haa, I still did edit today. I went to sleep LATE, and woke up later than I used to. I felt great, had a super breakfast and sat by my computer. I saw today’s prompt, and I recalled an old post. With all the great stuff happening to me, I just had to mention the people that helped me along the way. So, that’s why I reuploaded an old post.

Now, let’s make it serious for a bit. You know me by now. I write about war and soldiers, so when I saw the current school shooting in Florida, I had an idea of writing a possible reason of why would someone do that. I just can’t find courage to actually do it, because I am sceptical of people interpreting that story and giving too much emotion to it. I admit, it is a delicate topic to write about, yet what topic is safe?

I just don’t want too much of bad attention right now and I am assured that people will NOT respond in the adult way where you need to sit down and think deep about the things that make you uncomfortable. And that is a problem. We all speculate, but rarely sit down and try to solve the problem.

Firstly, we need to identify the origin of the motives, what are the causes and what is the end goal of these violent actions. That means we need to ask questions before we lay the judgement on people and hold innocent people responsible for the actions of an idiot.

Wherever I turn, there are news about this guy and wow. Before, you couldn’t find the name of the suspect, but his name is all over media. Is somebody pushing this forward and who? Why revealing this guy’s name? And everybody is trying to tell his name. Why? Why him?

Twitter is of course going crazy over this, so I am not tweeting anything connected to this.

If you would ask me of how to stop this from ever happening again, I wouldn’t have a good answer. Is there too much guns in USA? Yes. Should they all be removed? Maybe.

And there is another problem, I like weapons, but I don’t support any sort of physical violence. If I was a law in USA, I would try suggesting that people get their weapons registered and safe kept on the shooting range that will be run privately and no government allowed in it, or just a regular monitoring over the activities, but nothing more than that, no getting inside the business.

Also, the whole culture does needs to change. Too many people wander in the streets, too many influence from bad idols, too much junk food, too much everything and everything is instant. Why? How can you respect anything if you get it just by wanting to have it?

You saw the title, this is blabbering, so it’s like talking with the wind and nobody cares what I say. Which is totally cool with me. Just talking to the wind, or Kitten.

Dronstad Kitten

No links, no tags, no stories. Bad moment to shove my writing in your eyes. Just make sure your kids are not assholes and teach them how to deal with the assholes. You wanted a solution to mass shootings, there it is. TEACH YOUR KIDS NOT TO BE ASSHOLES.