I was born in the year 1989. on a sunny day, in wonderful county called Serbia… no, not Syria… not even Siberia. I have started to write actively since 2015. and have written 3 books and 13 short stories. This blog is used for sharing my work in order to get more skillful.

Have a bachelor degree in preschool teaching, hard to find work, turned toward other things to get by, classic example of a eastern European lifestyle. My inspirational authors are Hemingway and Arthur C. Clark. I tend to write about war, apocalypse, crime, but only in a way to show how bad it can be. I consider myself as a militant pacifist that loves guns, weird, I know.

Why writing? – you might wonder. Well… writing was one of things that I am actually good at, and so I do it. Some illustrations are made by me, that is the second passion that I have nurtured. English is not my native language, so this blog is also useful to improve myself. Suggestions are most welcome in regards of the writing, content, spelling and grammar. What else to say than: Read. That’s the only valid way to fight the stupidity.

For more fresh topics, find me at  DRONSTAD or Tweet me @dronstad1