Domes of Whirland (Cage Dunn version)

Northern wind lifts snowy dust from the toothy cusps of the mountain, a common occurrence of the recent winter. I see the landscape every day, a painting of a world inlaid in time. They bear the name my master calls me, [name]. This is where my family abandoned me as a child. On this mountain, … Continue reading Domes of Whirland (Cage Dunn version)

Domes of Whirland (snippet)

My family abandoned me, left their child here on the mountain, with an old man to spend its days. That man accepted me and took me inside his hut full of bones sticking out the walls and roof, which resembled a hedgehog's back. Ancient tusks, carved with symbols, fractured to a full length gave a … Continue reading Domes of Whirland (snippet)