Deep web spider (Full)

The agent walked the empty corridor and slid his ID card on the door before he entered the sterile room full of supercomputer hard drives. He twisted his head about to see the bleeping green light when a technician approached him. "He is on the grid again. We waited for you, but we don't know … Continue reading Deep web spider (Full)

The Riot

Several thousand cyborgs and androids gathered in front of the Armatech main gate to oppose the legislation which would stop the production of the certain motherboards. The Mithrian PD was called to lock the grid and hold the frantic mob away from the building and the factory. Delta Kay 554 pulled me back from the … Continue reading The Riot

Rise to lead

General Rile was  known to be a spiteful, stubborn man that had one of the largest armies working like a clock. Apparently, such might always had some goal of showing that might and crave for conquest that needed to be quenched or struck down. The head of our country decided to cut it rather let … Continue reading Rise to lead

The Flag

With the first boot on the ground the Commander looked around the ruins and at our men getting breakfast. I waited for him to give him my report, so I saluted him and cleared my throat. He didn't minded the number, he was more taken by the image that captivated him. - My God. What … Continue reading The Flag