400 Checkpoint, Quill Commander Award by Dronstad

I am so grateful to all the bloggers who are reading my stories. Your activity feeds my creativity and so I grow. It is my grand pleasure to promote some of you who are exceptionally active on my blog and not afraid to leave a comment and critique me. Just with your kind words and work, you have deserved this award numerous time already and I have no words that would describe what I feel today.

Usually I am not a guy of few words, but for the reasons I make this post, I don’t have much to say, just smile and enjoy the day. Without stalling, let’s begin.

But how will you soar for the stars if you don’t have wings? I present you with the “Dronstad Cyber Wings”, an emblem of 42. Cyber Corps of Dronstad Army.

Dronstad Wings

Use them to decorate your blog. You can pin them on your home page like I did, or not, I leave it to you to decide.

The purpose of this award is to promote patriotism. Along with it, this reward is created to unify bloggers from different Countries through tolerance and appreciation of their nationality. We are already unified by our love for writing and reading, so this is a token of that love.

The rules:

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link of their blog
2. List the rules of the award
3. Post a photo of your National flag and anthem
4. Leave a favorite quote
5. Nominate a few loyal bloggers

(Optional rules: Link the creator of the Award, decorate your blog with the “Dronstad Wings”)

Flag and anthem



Dronstad quote


Dronstad emblem

                                                   Soiba, Farheen, Cage and Rudra.

For all the participants, I left you a couple of photos in my Gallery segment that you can use for your blogs as a cover. Also, feel free to use “Dronstad Cyber Wings” as a cover photo or in any other context that includes this promotion to a rank and an Award.

The cover photos

This reward shall be repeated at every 100 followers checkpoint reached.

– March on my brothers in quill. Stop for no one. – 


I also got Facebook & Twitter where we can socialize.


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