Pieces of Hell – The Bunker (story & critique)

The story A long slip on a concrete wall casted rays of light over furniture. The rest of the walls were made of porous dirt, roughly shaped with a shovel. Maps, a few steel cups and a teapot for five servings were on a simple wooden table in the middle of the room. A folding … Continue reading Pieces of Hell – The Bunker (story & critique)

Nighttime blabbering 419

The story "Pieces of Hell - the bunker" comes out tomorrow. It's scheduled, tagged, formated, and aligned properly for your enjoyment. I hope you are going to like it. I mean, it's a new thing from me, and an experimental form I haven't tried before, so it's certainly going to be an original piece. To … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 419


I usually don't do this, but damn if I don't try to do some good. Here is the situation. I am a member of an Association of science fiction "Hitchhikers guide through fantasy" based in Serbia. I help run the portal where we daily post news considering fiction. We post short stories and we publish … Continue reading Help!