Pieces of Hell – Black Lada 1500 Special (Out now)

Here it is, the third part you all have been waiting for. It's a horror story, something I haven't really tried myself before to write. There is a lot of paranormal activity, symbolism, and spooky motives. Vasily is a normal veteran from the Second World War, driving a black Lada, trying to survive. Ludmila is … Continue reading Pieces of Hell – Black Lada 1500 Special (Out now)

Black Lada 1500 (announcement)

This is a third part of the "Pieces of Hell" saga. Long road leads to a destination of no return. Tires hum speeding while nature outside grows darker, so dark, there is no escape from what is coming. Would you enter inside the black Lada 1500 Special, if that would've meant that everyone you love … Continue reading Black Lada 1500 (announcement)


I usually don't do this, but damn if I don't try to do some good. Here is the situation. I am a member of an Association of science fiction "Hitchhikers guide through fantasy" based in Serbia. I help run the portal where we daily post news considering fiction. We post short stories and we publish … Continue reading Help!