Mom, tell me a story. (reloaded)

The story Desolated buildings were silently letting orange smoke from their ruined tops. Clouds of fire gushed up, melting with the shadows of the battlecruisers that scouted above. Strong beams of light shredded through the black matter of the night. Whirling engines of a foreign machine glided the sky which lost its shape since invaders … Continue reading Mom, tell me a story. (reloaded)


Rain journal entry 2

Year. 3089 Location: Fort Ember, Global United States, Earth ID: 4112 48  522 The briefing went smooth. I called it a 'history class' because most of the fresh reports that come daily are seventy-year-old signals from space. That's how far our closest battle lines are positioned in the Centaury Maxim. Seventy years of travel. That … Continue reading Rain journal entry 2