Time travel paradox (story and critique)

Time travel paradox Story by Shawn   „Protective gloves, check. Vortex proximity drive holding at 3.45 degrees dilation, check. Mars bar, check, and check.“, Jib counted his essentials. „Seriously? You are wearing a plastic wrap for clothing, about to travel million years after the dinosaur got extinct, set up a command post for the incoming … Continue reading Time travel paradox (story and critique)


Time travel paradox (out now)

Long waiting paid off with this story. Jovana Mitrović, an editor I hired to help me said "Oh my God, you keep mixing present tense with the past tense. Stop doing that for the love of God.", and also noted: "This was an interesting story and I love how you misled me into reading two … Continue reading Time travel paradox (out now)