Running water

Ann came from behind and smiled at the bright colors I stared at. She could see a waterfall rustling in the distance, the rainbow escaping the stream of water, the red cliffs and sunset that made landscape melting in pink and purple.

– Out all the places we have visited, you always come to this planet. May I ask why do you like this one that much? – she ran her hand over my back and sat near me never abandoning that smile.

– It’s home. Love makes everything more beautiful than it already is. – I said satisfied and feeling bliss.

– I suppose that’s true. It only amazes me of how can you stare at something so static. – she added looking at my space suit and moved her gaze to the horizon.

– Nothing is constant in life. That is what gives hope. Knowing that things can change gives us strength to take actions and make improvements in our lives. Everything is changing, even if we can’t see it. Nothing is constant but your questions. – I smiled and she smiled back at me with a light smirk, – We change while we grow. Life changes to the very atom that runs in it. Energy changes from one form to another. The whole universe is constantly stretching. We all change with the changes. Isn’t that what we do here? – I asked not giving her the look, when she gasped at the landscape.

– You are giving a poetic meaning to the mission. At least you are not heartless, even if our job is not something people support and admire. Someone needs to clean the useless mass in the universe. So many destruction happened in the intergalactic wars. We can’t let it fester the rest of the living universe. Survival I guess. – she got on her feet, ran her hand over my back again and paused, – We have a lot of work to do. You take a few more minutes and don’t forget to turn off the simulation when you are done. – she gave me a vague smile and walked away.


Waterfall Dronstad

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