Conversation (Reuploaded)


I left him waiting for me, just to see him dash out at his bodyguards and counselors. After the two good hours of wasting his precious time I walked in, alone. His eyes stared at me beneath the thick eyebrows while his mouth, crammed in a line spoke of anger. I barely held myself not to laugh, but managed to look serious and professional.

– Let the general wait again and it will be your last. – he said without taking his sight away from me while I gently grabbed the chair.

– Now, now, you don’t want to start another war, do you? – I couldn’t help myself not to smirk, when his men pumped their broad shoulders, readying themselves to attack, – We are here to negotiate the terms of peace, not to prolong the bloodshed. You have lost many men fighting Ildock, surely you don’t want to destroy of what is left of Zarian army?

– You haven’t seen us yet at our best… Smile all you want, but that won’t save you and your soldiers from our wrath. I would suggest you to chose your words and mind your manners around me, or else…

– Or else, what? You’ll kill me? We are at the neutral ground. You attack me here and say goodbye to your border troops. – I said it posh and observed his face stir in fear and the lost looks of his men, – Yes, I can say it now. I have my artillery pointed at your infantry. I should also mention that I have more than a 20 drone bombers orbiting in no radar zone around your Zaria. My snipers are loyally waiting to remove your officers at the Golden Base outpost, and I think your war camp is settled there with over 100 000 battle men. You would turn all those wives into widows, just with one slap on my face. I said these are negotiations, but it is more of a blackmail than a respectful talk. I have brought you a document to sign where you give away Zarian rights on few hectares of land and pay for a third of our losses.

– Zarian Sultan will never agree with those terms and you know it. Your attempt of blackmail has failed! – he grinned and all of them laughed, but fell silent when my laugh overpowered theirs.

– What do you think, why am I here? – I smiled, leaned back in the chair, happily watching his men break sweat.

He figured out our intentions. He could sign the paper and let us take their land, or not sign the paper and let us continue with the killing. It was a hard bargain and unfair, no matter how he spins it. Sultan will be furious at him for losing the land. To sign the paper is to sign his own death.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

He snatched the paper from my hand and look at the writing. I spectated his men as they talked among themselves where few goons walked left to right, biting their lips. The general finally took out his pen, exhaled and placed his name on the paper.



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