Phantom generation 3

Clubs and shady places worked at night, while the daylight has been used for other stuff. Dave walked straight to the bar, only turned once and see where were the local thugs. Except for the bouncer in black standing at the door and the barkeeper, the place was empty. "Whiskey. The cheapest one you've got.", … Continue reading Phantom generation 3

Phantom generation

The night was the time when a back-alley part of the city came to life. Neon lights, dim music, and black-clad men on the streets, all of it belonged to a subculture of Sectoria. Bums near the trash cans, they only look nonthreatening, but they play a role. They observe what was left of the … Continue reading Phantom generation

“The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review

From the start, the author is playing with the motives of acceptable, and then it misleads us into thinking that everything is normal and sheds light on a rarely discussed topic of sex diseases. This segment is used to clarify the plot of the novella, shows us the vivid imagery of how it looks like … Continue reading “The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review

Red Flag

Right from the start, our Staff Sergeant warned us about the team we were up against. It the whole continent, Wolf Pack 4 was well known assault team with little to none lost battles. They had a reputation of being brutal and humiliating their opponents. My team had right to be afraid, not because we … Continue reading Red Flag