Snow Ghouls

Winter, cold, frost, these are the attributes of a season of death. Spring colors, summer heat, and autumn fruits - deeply missed in the cold days of a solemn cabin in the mountains. When the night falls, and natural light grows dimmer, the air gets so sharp - it cuts through the lungs like razors. … Continue reading Snow Ghouls



I stopped by the water tap to wash my meal down. The police station was buzzing like in a hive. Luckily, I was at some other place in my mind, solving a case. The first time we had this appear, the media wanted to tare us apart characterizing the event as „draconic loss of life“. … Continue reading Draconian

“The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review

From the start, the author is playing with the motives of acceptable, and then it misleads us into thinking that everything is normal and sheds light on a rarely discussed topic of sex diseases. This segment is used to clarify the plot of the novella, shows us the vivid imagery of how it looks like … Continue reading “The guy from another league” by Kristina Gallo – book review

Red Flag

Right from the start, our Staff Sergeant warned us about the team we were up against. It the whole continent, Wolf Pack 4 was well known assault team with little to none lost battles. They had a reputation of being brutal and humiliating their opponents. My team had right to be afraid, not because we … Continue reading Red Flag