Gods don’t bleed (3)


We debated on taking a baby with us and Dadan won this round. Because of that baby, we left him to follow us, while we rushed to catch up with the monsters who destroyed the village.

Even we were a mile away from the village, smoke was still in our noses, and foot prints continued due west. In an hour of non stop jogging, we came to the slope of a hill. Team divided in two groups and we enveloped the chatter on the top of that hill.

Flash grenade exploded and rifling started echoing in the forest. Snow really made the climb hard, but we all went up ant took the raiders in gunsights. After tying them up, the team went through their stuff.

– Where are their weapons? – one of us asked and we all turned to searched the area.

The raiders had jewelry and fine things with them. They took all of this from the houses in the village and left, but it was strange for them to abandon their weapons, especially when they knew we will show up to stop them.

– They must have buried them in the snow. – Dadan said, rocking and smiling at the baby, – So which one of you made this kid an orphan? – Dadan gave that weird smile at the hairy bush-people, leaned over to see their eyes, but they hid their faces in fur and grunted for themselves.

– Come on, answer him. – asshole in the company kicked one savage and he jerked back ready to fight, but calmed down and nervously looked over the team.

– It wasn’t us. We smelled the smoke from our camp and we ran down there to see what is going on. – the dirtiest of them said and spat at the ground.

– So who was then? – Dadan continued and I whipped my gun at the savages sitting in the middle of their camp.

– I don’t know. You call it God. – he spoke and just two of our men laughed, but savage continued, – It was, it was. A tall white man with long white beard, glowing with light. I saw him. People bowed at him, tried to touch him. Women cried while their houses were burning. Some men shot him, but he didn’t bleed. That’s when he waved his hand and everybody fell on their knees. And then… – he wanted to continue, but his friend kicked him.

– And then what? And then what?! – I raised my weapon, while Dadan shook his head in disbelief.

– He… He killed them all. We ran away, so he didn’t tried to follow us. I heard your people call him Demon, some said he was Satan and not a God, but he just, he raised his palm and hissed “Sin” at them and they would bleed. – a savage hovered his hand mid air, graphically showing us the way the villagers died.

One glimpse on Dadan, I could see him trying to find some logical explanation for what have happened. He mourned for the victims of yet another visit from the being that tried to take over this world and posed themselves as owners of this place, the Gods.

– Bear One to Base. We have another Helion on the planet. We have witnesses from his landing sight. I say again, Helion is spotted in Siberia. – I said in the radio, and sighed while men around me sporadically nodded.

ย Conjure


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