Nighttime blabbering 752

Okay, so the second novel, the one I keep making in pauses and sometimes forget I am working on it, well… editing time. I barely reached page 60, but the editing process is really longtime overdue, so, in the pauses I’ll have this week, I am going to work on that. I should add more stuff, I mean, scenes, to the novel before I start deleting and adjusting elements to the story. The thing is, where I left it, the story looks incomplete, at least that first portion that is stretched more than it should be. I mean, so far, we are following a detailed development of a criminal case where a bunch of naked victims fell from the sky without explaining how that happened. The world got interested because of magical elements that linger around the bodies, and so, the investigation is stalling. The one person able to push the case forward, and dislodge it from a dead spot, is still in hiding, and I am building toward the grand reveal. Still, I am nowhere close to that scene, nowhere with the detective and his partner. As of late, they just scout the villages and monitor the situation being snatched from their hands by the military counter-intelligence agency. Therefore, I should at least circle it out, figuratively, so that it looks whole and I have a portion to work with, but noooo, I am an idiot. I want to edit it now while I have my editing mind on me. Either way, wish me luck. I am at page 20, pushing on, pushing on.

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