Nighttime blabbering 753

It’s lumbering time, and for the past two days, I really dabbed into that. Yes, we bought six cubic meters and chopped it up, but now, we went to one of our estates and cut down about four cubic meters. If we want to be stacked up for the winter, we need at least ten more meters just to have our shed full and not to worry about climate and what’s happening in the world. This idea of ours has turned troublesome because of constant wood price change and our own stocks being a bit distant and hard to reach. Also, a professional lumberjack is able to cut, load, and transport the lumber a lot efficiently and at a lower price than a dozen of amateurs, which I am at this point. So, I am doing this lumbering more because I need it than I want it. In the previous blabbers, I spoke about lumbering, I mentioned my work based on people needing help with the firewood preparation and that I picked those jobs where older folk with smaller amounts of lumber than those with bigger stocks, even though more lumber meant more pay at the end of the day. So, this year, I have to pause doing this lumbering because of health reasons, plus, I have my own supplies to replenish before I even start considering helping out others. I know, it’s a bit sad this has come to the realization, but then again, I really need to start thinking about myself and my family. So, to conclude, I am working outside, I am being mindful of myself, and my family, and in the pauses, I am writing novels. Not that bad, all things included.

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