Night time blabbering 267

I am nearly over with all of this editing. There are still little things to be set straight, so I'll need a bit more time to make it work. Among the other things I do, I am preparing myself for a great feat. It's been a while since I undertook a serious project on my … Continue reading Night time blabbering 267


Met at the border (must watch)

Browsing through my YouTube recommendations, I came across a video, watched it and I was inspired to share it with you. You know me, I am a sucker for a story and if that is a war story, I love it even more. I gave you my take on the childhood I had, everything that … Continue reading Met at the border (must watch)

Nevada Resurrection Illustration Tutorial

Have you ever wondered about how do I make an illustration? Well, wonder no more. I present you a thirty-minute video of me illustrating one of the detailed illustration made so far. The story is coming shortly. It will be published on my Patreon account on February 3. 2019. Stay tuned for the incoming … Continue reading Nevada Resurrection Illustration Tutorial