Nighttime blabbering 334

The illustration is finished and colored. I have to say that I am not proud of how it turned out. One version went in a Facebook group for critique and I got a lot of good advice on what I did wrong. The thing is, this illustration, no matter how fun it was to create … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 334


Nighttime blabbering 333

There will be no video tomorrow. I haven't decided on what I wanted to talk about and I haven't had the time to do it. I am overwhelmed with things to do, text to read, stories to edit, tomatoes to water, stuff to relocate. It's a full day of work so I am really busy … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 333

Time travel paradox (story and critique)

Time travel paradox Story by Shawn   „Protective gloves, check. Vortex proximity drive holding at 3.45 degrees dilation, check. Mars bar, check, and check.“, Jib counted his essentials. „Seriously? You are wearing a plastic wrap for clothing, about to travel million years after the dinosaur got extinct, set up a command post for the incoming … Continue reading Time travel paradox (story and critique)