Nighttime blabbering 427

Right now, I am editing a story for a contest with a  grand prize of 500$ and I am altering a second story from my blog for a second contest with a reward of 100$. I am decisive to give this a shot and make something out of myself. It's going to be hard, there … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 427

Nighttime blabbering 409

I got back to reading. I have a lot to catch up with the novels in my database. It's a collection of projects from my friends I promised them a review. A couple of months ago, I was overwhelmed with my own work and projects, mostly with editing and writing stories. Since then, I organized … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 409


I've been away for quite some time, but I had a good reason. Watch all about it in the video below. These two weeks I've been away from home were full of activities. I went to Niš, but haven't planned to stay there for long, That changed instantly and I had to drop everything I … Continue reading ROAD TRIP