Nighttime blabbering 751

I finally decided to send the portion of the novel I edited to remote perfection. My editors and I agreed that each time I complete five or more pages, I send the manuscript to them to sort it out further and check what is going on, nod, and nod away if something is good or bad. And then, they’ll delete and change things, make it perfect. So far, I have managed to add twenty-five pages and around a dozen of scenes to the project. I think I am on the correct path with the plot, speed, and tone, but I am not sure of the quality. This is constant trouble when it comes to novel writing. You can write so much and not be aware of what you placed down works in the best way. I mean, a writer has one idea in mind and sees things differently than the reader. So, practice and attempting to use a third-person view comes as a neat trick if you can pull it off. I am just nervous and anxious to hear it from them. I don’t know, perhaps they will understand every single detail I’ve added, and I am going for tightly packed scenes, so noting is redundant. I mean, everything is in the scenes for a reason I am not explaining right away, so I hope they see the value in everything I connected or left alone to be connected later.

While they are working on that piece I sent them, my task today is to relax, clear my head, read, and watch some shows. I was eager to binge-watch the third season of Orville, and I can see there are only three episodes on the menu. There are also old movies and trash movies I watched when I was a kid on the program, so… I just might take a long walk outside on this sunny day and enjoy my time. Nothing is certain; that’s my point.

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