Nowhere to hide (Reloaded)

Foreshadowing my eyelids, I fought to get up, let the light touch my eyes and find out where was I. With a long breath I concluded that I must have been left on an island. Rustling waves breaking itself against the shore only solidified my previous analysis. Rubb of my eye finally gave a picture to a landscape that opened before me.

A bleached white sand was under me, while the end of it crawled under the blue water almost turquoise if you stare at it. Another breath made me relax, enjoy this beautiful place. I felt calm, as that was what I needed after years of fighting in the outer Systems. My mission was to bring the war to already war-torn planets and Alliances that craved for resources. But I grew tired of it and told few people the truth about it. That’s why I had to move until the storm passes.

The travel took me a blink of an eye. Our portals were supreme in comparative with the civilian ones. Military always had good gadgets. Nobody will find me here. Those that wanted me dead for speaking out against them can’t touch me here. I wish them luck in getting out of the mess I’ve created for them.

Twist of a head made me realize the actual situation I was in. There was just a small square of land around me and a palm tree. No cabin, nothing else but white sand, and a storm closing in from the west. It was an endless ocean full of sharks.

– Well… Fuck.

Dronstad Island

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13 thoughts on “Nowhere to hide (Reloaded)

  1. That’s how I felt this morning while trying to leave to work. In other words, I was publishing my blog post and almost late for my train. For example, the ground underneath me was thining out. Dedication. 🙂

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