Nighttime blabbering 759

Tonight, I am speaking about something very personal. I like having a beard, it’s just how it is. I don’t mind having a very long beard, even if it is branching off into a hedge you see neglected and untrimmed by the road. I just, I don’t know, I like it, moreover, I don’t pay that much attention to the style or anything. But yesterday, I decided to cut my hair, and go clean after a few years of having a long beard. There’s no real reason why I decided to shave, to smooth my face, and remove about ten years from my visual appearance. I thought, now it’s a good time to shave, clean my face, and start over. In reality, I was having problems with longer hair on this scorching heat rather than rocking a beard that’s longer than my longest lock of hair. My neck was suffering elevated heat from all that hair sticking to the sweat, so I just wanted to remove hair, but when I am in the shop, I might as well remove all hair, right? Well, that’s the deal, I reacted on a whim and decided to get it all off. So, there’s a picture before and after at the end of this post, so you can look and decide for yourselves what is the best look, style, and appearance.

I am using Facebook as my primary social media, and I shared the very same photo, asking my acquaintances about what they think is the best look for me, and the answers were… somewhat expected. I mean, today’s fashion supports a tasteful balance, so don’t be hairy, but also don’t be so clean. It’s mostly about the preferences, and I got a few funny comments on my look, mostly from the guys, which is appreciated because guys are masters of guy jokes. I had a good laugh at some of the remarks and thoroughly enjoyed the burns and jabs at my bearded style. To summarise the whole thing into one suggested style, people told me I should keep my beard medium length, and rock longer hair. I think this is what they like, prefer, or learned to recognize me by as someone noted that “Beard is your watermark, so you decide”. I must agree. I made people know me with a beard, a long, bushy, almost religious length beard some priests have as a sigil of their calling. Whenever I am without this facial hair, well, people react against it. Therefore, I’ll try and model my God-given beard to model size, and hair, well… I am going to keep it short and wavy as I did it when I was a child. It seems that looks never grow old.

Now, let’s put it to a vote. Which one do you think looks better? I am just curious, nothing else. Comment and let me know what you think.

8 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 759

  1. …”a Man who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither”

    as a former member of the British Beard club, i think it can be forgiven in cases of heat..

    Maybe beard, but styled…:)

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