Nighttime blabbering 760

This is going to be a filler post, something without a specific point. I am just taking it easy today for no reason. Yesterday I managed to wrap up the first editing round on the novel I am writing, and now I am just contemplating what’s next. I am to resume where I left off, keep adding scenes and events to the story, develop the plot, and keep track of direction. I mean, nobody wasn’t to get lost, especially inside the story that changed course, and now you need to backtrack, delete and write whole new segments that are actually useful. So, today, I am just planning out the next step, that one scene that tells something and pulls the story in the correct direction. I even sent this first round to my editors for assessment because I want to know what would they recommend me to do after this. The sequel I am writing is still in their hands, so that’s on pause for now, until they finish the job and send it over to me for further writing. Therefore, both of the projects I am on are lined up and waiting, which gives me some free time to relax, decompress and prepare for round two.

The next thing I’d like to report about is job ads. I’ve been searching for something I know to do, and most of the opportunities I am finding require a bachelor’s degree in IT, business, or marketing, which I don’t have. There are a few copywriting ads, which sounds great, but then again, I know the field and I wouldn’t want to end up there. Those jobs are frequently on strict deadlines, demanding full attention without a day off and the pay is minimal. If I get into it, there’s no easy way out when you become tied to the next paycheck, so the cycle continues. And on top of that, your employment is always at stake for poor quality, expectations, and pressure the team leader lands on you. It’s a no from me, man. My English is not perfect and I am not going to pretend like it is, so I am gunning for something technical, something dynamic and not writing-related because I want writing to be a pleasure, not a job and a hobby where I only write and do nothing else in my life. And I am looking for a domestic firm, someone who can transfer pay in domestic banks rather than wiring it through some internet bank version where everyone keeps taxing my income, and I am left with pocket change. I mean, working with a domestic firm at least gives you a contract and some legal safety, meaning you got insurance and your back covered for some time, whereas foreign companies only give you clean pay and no benefits. It’s a struggle, but I am adamant about finding something decent.

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