Nighttime blabbering 758

Resuming my work on the novel after a brief break to relax my mind. As you can suspect, my relaxation often comes in form of chores and work. The harvest has begun, and I had a decent amount of rye, while I am still waiting on wheat to come next. We don’t usually diversify our grain, but with the lousy year, we used a different tactic to stock up before corn grows. Mowing is also one of the regular chores, and we gave most of our meadows to people who actually have cattle. Therefore, we have those little acres of orchards and smaller estates with grass to maintain, and it’s enough for our needs since we feed pigs with fresh grass and store hay for winter. This short pause passed in orderly fashion, and I regulated my sleep schedule.

So, today, I got back to editing, writing, and planning my scenes. Whenever I come back to it, it looks like I am seeing everything for the first time, which is great for editing purposes. It gives me an edge and a focus on things, characters, and other elements that are important. My editors are taking their sweet time looking at the sequel I am continuously writing along with this other novel. I don’t know why it’s taking so much time to edit the damn thing because I already edited it five times before I gave it to them. Perhaps there are big mistakes and problems to be solved, but then again, nobody is contacting me for further instructions or informative talk about my direction of plot and development. Perhaps they figured it out, and they don’t need my help, but this silence is ominous, and I am frightened. I might contact them, be subtle with my questions and just get the answers I am looking for. Still, I am writing, reading, ugh… not as much as I should, but I make time for that. So far, I am satisfied with how things stand, so I’ll try keeping this up, and still give my best when creating stories. I mean, that’s what you are supposed to do, what every writer needs to do.

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