Nighttime blabbering 552

Making a cover image and editing the first page of my story I am to post on Patreon gave me time to edit the story completely. It’s good to have time since my work schedule is somewhat stacked with tasks throughout the day. For example, I got up early in the morning and went with my father to fetch the corn seeder from a neighbor. We hook it up for the tractor, took it home, and ran some tuning. After that was over, we had breakfast, dressed up, and left home. Now, I must say we don’t have a lot of land, or domestic animals to feed, so we sowed about sixty acres of land. That patch of land and the corn should last us a year if the weather conditions were optimal. After that, we took the seeder back where we found it and took another appliance machine that ruffles the ground. That machine is supposed to cover all of the kernels that were left above the ground. That means we had to get back to where we were and drive the machine all over the sixty acres. And lastly, we had to take that machine back to where we found it and get in touch with another neighbor to borrow a tractor sprayer so that we could coat the surface of the ground with a herbicide. We do this to prevent weeds from sprouting, leaving only corn to grow. And that was the third time we got back to those sixty acres in a day and left it again. Nobody said farming is easy; therefore, I am giving you these steps so you would get the picture. Speaking of pictures.

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