Nighttime blabbering 553

I don’t have much to report, but I may have an idea of what I might post on my Patreon. Remember I mention the work for the Association, help run the online portal, create cover images for articles, sort the articles, post, and share them on the official Facebook page? Well, making covers is some artwork. I haven’t perfectioned it yet, but writing and sharing those pictures can be interesting. The plan is to share a few of them, those I really like, and describe the steps on how I finished them. So you would see the beginning, the work, and the end piece.

Along with those designs, I can leave a link to the post I made the cover for so you can read it. The portal is in Serbian, and it’s about science fiction, but the articles are all academic texts. With the right click on the text, you can select the translator and convert the paragraphs into English. It means you can still read the article, even though the original is in another language. This idea looks appealing to me. I would like to know if it’s appealing to you too. With that on my Patreon, I can also give reports about my writing process, inform you on my plans, share small snippets and samples, do a lot of fun stuff. That way, you can tag along with me on my journey to something great. How does that sound to you? I mean, let’s play.

Here is a book cover one of my friends sent me.

I selected the name of the novel and created a new layer from it. I did the same thing with his title and the caption in the headline. After that, I extended the side to 1000 pixels, colored them in line with the primary colors of the cover, switched to healing tool in Photoshop, selected close proximity healing setting, and made multiple strokes to match the texture and the color composition of the cover. Fine details and tuning were done with the same tool, but smaller radius, about 30-40 pixels in diameter. Using a soft brush with a tolerance set to 6%, I corrected the background’s mountain range. I then selected the stamp tool to copy the textures of the dune and repaint it along the curvature of the dune. With this done in a separate layer, I moderated the values and the textures’ size, mimicking the proportions to what is close to the camera and what is further away. Satisfied with how it looked, I merged the layers with the background, downloaded the sand specs in the wind, deleted the background, created a transparent version that I transported to the main project, and downed the opacity to get the texture. The last thing left to be done was to outline the letters, delete the background, add effects and position them to open space I made. The end result looks like this.

So, I’ll ask you again. How would you like to read this sort of things on my Patreon? Is it interesting or not?

I almost forgot about the Commander Kitten.

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