Some people love rain (announcement)

With this short futuristic story, I am finally answering, “what if political correctness ruled the world.” The city would flourish into utopian-type dwellings for the vast population of humans. Nature would be luscious green, wild, preserved. The living conditions improved, our lifestyle optimized for long-living, and nobody needs to worry about the government. Your human rights are our new laws, to which all must bow. Crime is an obsolete concept, and we have a cure for any illness. But what’s the catch? What is the other side of the medal? What hides behind the beauty, which is only made to mask the reality? The answer: There’s no catch, no evil, wrongs, hurtful things behind the perfect living. It is a utopia we have strived for centuries, and we are finally living it. Enjoy citizens of the future.

But there is only one rule to all of this. Do not speak ill of the system.

Enter a thrilling world of working from the luxury of your home, wearing sweat pants and slippers. Eat finest laboratory-generated veal and genetically modified vegetables marked as best tasting food. Take a stroll through abandoned city parks where nothing lives by its own will, but obey the busy robotic hands that pluck the weeds out, only to plant them in another place. We care about all lives. Enjoy. This is a command.

Join my Patreon to read the story when it comes out on 25 of April, 2021. There are around 25 short stories for you to read and enjoy. Help me translate my first novel and publish it abroad. Soon I will reorganize my Patreon page, remove old and add new benefits. Let’s get creative.

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