Pieces of Hell – Black Lada 1500 Special (Out now)

Here it is, the third part you all have been waiting for. It’s a horror story, something I haven’t really tried myself before to write. There is a lot of paranormal activity, symbolism, and spooky motives.

Vasily is a normal veteran from the Second World War, driving a black Lada, trying to survive. Ludmila is a gorgeous businesswoman from Krasnogorsk district near Moscow, going home to take care of her family. Their normal ride down the road will run into a few bumps that shall greatly influence their lives. What is happening after, join my Patreon, see it for yourself.


P.S.: Here is a snippet to tickle your imagination.

Pieces of hell


Join my army, READ THE STORY for only 2$ a month. It can’t get any cheaper than that. By becoming a patron, you get to pick the next writing project, characters, setting, you can pick anything and make this more interesting.

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