Cimmerian around the clock (Story for Rudra)

This is a story, like any other, a tale of lovers. When settlers came to the frontier, natives thought they’ll bring their belongings, but they took with them an omen, legends of old, pre-religion and civilization. The land was fertile; the water was clear, air frosty and sharp in the lungs, a beautiful sight for … Continue reading Cimmerian around the clock (Story for Rudra)


Deathbringer (Full story)

Rain, like it could wash away my sins, set me pure, unburden my shoulders from the screams and the nightmares - beat on the roofs, muddy ground, and the whole village. Heavy drops clinked on the blade at a rapid pace, washing the blood into the streams that ran dark red in the street. I … Continue reading Deathbringer (Full story)

Legends of Sokobanja – An Alien Mountain Rtanj

Near Sokobanja is a mountain with very interesting features. I'm talking about Rtanj mountain (pronounced [r̩̂ːtaɲ]). A cone shaped terrain with naturally straight sides, it almost looks like it’s man-made. The highest peak is called Šiljak (the Pike) and it's decorated with a demolished chapel of Saint George the Dragon Slayer. On the northern side, … Continue reading Legends of Sokobanja – An Alien Mountain Rtanj