Desert Fox (story and critique)

A lonely Marine ran across the desert, ran for his life, ran tirelessly. From whom was he running away? Will he escape his destiny? Which one is faster, life or death? What will happen to a Marine while bullets buzz around him? Salvation comes late; enter Hell, a promised land for those that try tricking … Continue reading Desert Fox (story and critique)

Collision (story and critique)

Dead of night, Lily woke up coughing and got up. She went to the bathroom hissing about the headache. Her vision resembled a light moving too fast, like an inferno rising around her. Pain in her head must have been a side effect of the treatments. The bathroom switch clicked, but Lily only saw darkness. … Continue reading Collision (story and critique)

Time travel paradox (story and critique)

Time travel paradox Story by Shawn   „Protective gloves, check. Vortex proximity drive holding at 3.45 degrees dilation, check. Mars bar, check, and check.“, Jib counted his essentials. „Seriously? You are wearing a plastic wrap for clothing, about to travel million years after the dinosaur got extinct, set up a command post for the incoming … Continue reading Time travel paradox (story and critique)