Battle Wings – The Breach (Finale)

On the first light, the scout breached from the ramp panting and barely standing. He fell right at the feet of the guard and let him see the wounds he had on the back. A long rim on the man’s body spoke that he was attacked by a blade – the weapon of Demons.

“To battle stations! The attack! Demons!” Poor sentinel drummed up the alert that drag out the firing squad to their position.

Mist maniacally dispersed before the huge man wrapped in metal, a steel grid over his muzzle. Behind him, a line of men came out gun’s blazing and a swarm of drones buzzed away at us. Dominant color of their armor was so distinctive, I instantly knew they must’ve been from the Ruby Demons – the Rudra’s lot.

“Don’t hold back boys. Fire!” I pointed at the enemy and fusillade of bullets started raining at the enemy.

Viola stepped from the darkness of the workshop, rose her sword up and a unit of androids broke through the shadows – fire in their hands. Total battle have begun when trucks parked near the sidewalk and opened fire from their backs stacked full with rockets and machine-gun nests.

Shadows of the ruins, still, motionless and silent got corrupted with the long barrels sticking out from the dark and fell to work. Our men started falling grazed in blood until our Canmen came closer to play a ballistic shield for them. Our line haven’t budged, but Demons gave land to our charge. Those guys on the bikes were extremely fast for the confused enemy that didn’t knew what to do, where to aim, whom to shoot.

It they were Demons, we were about to show them how the Hell looks like. Middle-ground started looking like a complete carnage and Demons high and low fell to dust. Even with initial attack has failed, Demons had more men to spare than us. Soon we got overwhelmed with the sheer number of Demons frontally coming at us, and that’s the time Viola stepped forward to stall them until we barricade in.

I gave signal to Soiba to eliminate Viola while I started running for the workshop to relieve Michael of his breath. Just when I was to get inside, a Soiba’s shot echoed and a bullet hit me in the leg.

“What the fuck Soiba?!” I growled at her, but her reply came with another shot in the already wounded leg.

The battle became awfully silent, so I turned around to see what is going on. To my surprise, Viola stood in the middle, her blade drying up from the blood she spilled and Rudra facing her on the opposite side.

“Your Battle Wings fought bravely today. Shame to kill so many loyal fighter for a goal you don’t believe in. My Commander sends his regards. Demons shall attack you no more.” Rudra proclaimed in calm while angry Viola stared at the girl, turned her frowned face at me and started to stomp for my head.

“Tell me traitor! Why did you wanted me dead?!” Viola stopped and lifted her blade ready to cleave my head off on the first sound.

“Because I wanted to join the Demons and save lives, you dumb bitch! If you can’t beat them, joint them!” I groaned shading myself with a stretched hand, but her face didn’t made change.

“You’ve been disloyal to the Wings. I saved your ass when you were nothing more but a drifter, and this is how you reward my kindness? This is your last day in the gang! I am banishing you as long as you live! Did you understand, maggot?! You are gone!” She screamed at me, and screamed at the sky some more.

Michael came to the door, saw me lying under his feet, kicked me in the face and spat in my direction.

Rudra my dear. You wound’t hurt your father, wound you? This war changed us all and this outpost is far away from the Cage’s interest. We are living on the border with nothing beyond this place. Cage doesn’t need total control over us. Leave in piece and tell her I sent my regards.” Michael smiled at the Rudra whose face shined with serenity.

“Why don’t you tell her yourself?” Rudra smiled and huge Demon breached from the group, removed it’s helmet and showed a face of an middle-aged woman.

“It hurts me to pretend I am a man, but illusion proved to be useful in times of war. Glad to see you Michael. And I am sad because you left our ranks. If you’ve approached us sooner, this collision could be avoided.” The woman known as Cage spoke calmly as she came closer to greet her old friend.

“There are units that portray as Demons, but are not under your command. The reputation you hold became something others use to fear the weaker gangs, so I din’t knew if I could trust the lot that lingered in our vicinity.” Michael prompted a half smile, nervously looking at the fearless leader of Demons.

“No need for lamentations dear friend. My Demons do clash with those copycats. We only wanted order in this city, not all out war between the blocks. Your people are under our protection now. There shall be no more fighting among the Wings and Demons. I will redraw from this area, but my teams will occasionally come visit you. Let us establish the communication and see if we can help each other.” Friendly hug and Michael started leading Cage inside, when I groaned with pain.

“What about him?” Soiba asked coming in sight.

“Leave him to me.” An evil sounding Rudra’s voice replied when she knelled near my head. “I haven’t had a slave in a long time. I’ll have lots of fun with this one.” She said removing blood from my nose. “I hope you like pain, because you are gonna get a lot of it.” She added with a nasty grin that made me sweat.

I was played from the start. My plans for the Wings weren’t the most noble, but it could save lives. And here I lay bleeding, waiting to be used in grotesque ways that Rudra has known to perform. Dear God, help me.

future-war-Wings Dronstad

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