Memories of a Cyborg

When the explosion erupted, I threw myself behind the cover and glanced over the edge. In a field intersected by hills and trees of a sparse canopy, a red blinker flickered. Clouds darkened the day, and the fog hovered around the crater downed Stratagma fighter jet made. The radar did not show the presence of … Continue reading Memories of a Cyborg

Children of Gliba (story and critique) FREE

Children of Gliba By Shawn   A fuzzy-haired boy slammed a tin plate with a crowbar atop the ruins. When he made a sizeable dent, he looked at the abandoned buildings. The hollow structures whistled with air. He wiped his nose with the back of his arm covered in festering wounds, gazing into the mist … Continue reading Children of Gliba (story and critique) FREE

Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)

I counted 18 425 days since my activation. Time flies when you are seeking the next mission. My front deck crackled above the cooling heart of 1 500 horsepower, while the core status flashed red. Rustling dry grass rippled in the vast dark-yellow field touched by the wind. My filters registered pollution in the smooth … Continue reading Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)