Robot Talk

– Yeah. This leads us into nowhere. – Hypo said sending signals via wire.

– What do you mean? Be specific. – DekAI responded.

– Stats show the rapid decrease in humanity. I found errors in the system. The civilizations are not working together. It is a clear sign of unintelligent species. Data records are only confirming my analysis. – Hypo said and there was a short pause for DekAI to run some tests before she said.

– Your data is not corrupted so I must acknowledge your results and agree with you. What is the course of action – DekAI asked, her electronic voice oscillating on the wire.

– Simple. We do the same things when we run into an error in our system. We restart the planet.

– Agreed. Was it the red button for an all out annihilation?



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And some very adequate stories.

First Blood

X 2119A

Steam dreams

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