Sunshine Blogger Award 2

Here we are with another award given to me by the Commander Roy, a man who is always giving very good posts and stories, sometime poems and many other stuff that I enjoy reading, and so should you. This award honors me greatly. I salute you Roy. I have no words that would suffice in showing my gratitude, so I will answer your questions instead.

For those that read this, please be kind and visit Roy’s blog and meet a very good man who has a lot to say and create.

Here are the rules !

     Write a post thanking  to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging sites.

Answer the question asked to you by the person who nominated you.

  •  Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  •  Notify them about the same by comments on their blog.
  • Make new questions
  •  List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or in your post

The Questions

Describe a normal day in your life

Hm. I get up around 8 in the morning, check the social media for notifications, have breakfast, get to writing, have lunch, more writing, have dinner, write some more, go to sleep.

What do  you do when you get demotivated in general?

I waste time watching movies, do some painting, read a book. It all depends in what mood I am.

What do you do when u hit Writer’s’ Block?

I try to write through it. It is very hardcore, but it works for me.

Attach a pic of your pets.

Sorry. I don’t have pets.

Write a letter to your doppelgänger in few lines.

You have an ugly face. Stop telling people you are me and stop repeating me.

Beach or Mountains , what do you prefer and why?

I already live close to mountains. I like forests, but beach has the rustling waves and it is calming. I chose beach. Besides, there are girls in bikinis. *stupid smile

Do you believe in first love or No strings attached and why?

First love? You mean the love on the first sight? Hm, I was never in a relationship, so my knowledge of love is pretty low. I don’t have an answer to this.

Roast or Rant in few lines about anything or anyone.

Oh, that was a mistake Roy. When I better think of it, your question is a mistake. You so missed with this question (not even a question, but a request), people will start calling you Roy the Stormtrooper. The only hits you can hope for are the numbers in your stats.

How’s that for a roast?

on What or for Whom are you crazy about these days?

I am so taken by the editing that I don’t have a lot of time on my hand to get interested in other things. At least I am doing something that I like. It is a little bit sad, because all I talk about as of late are these edits and writing. I must break this chain of constantly talking about one thing and get some diverse topics.

Your favorite fictional character either in movies or in novels or both and why?

I like these new villains in Marvel Universe. At the end of day, you see they are fighting for something that could get support and they are believable. I admire their drive to achieve their goals and the fact that they are so into the skirmish that they decided to fight for their dreams and take actions.

More and more, the heroes look like villains. I root for the guy who died trying.

What do you wish to say to your ex or your future.

Try to understand me and give me time to understand you. When we find out who is who, we can act together. When you decide what do you want in life, come search for me.

The Questions for my nominees

  1. What book are you reading?
  2. What is your favourite drink?
  3. What place would you like to visit?
  4. If a rocket leaves Earth in 550 km/h and you have 5 apples, what color are your underwear?
  5. Sun or the Moon?
  6. What genre do you like reading and why?
  7. What are your favourite names for boys and girls and why?
  8. What have you learned from blogging?
  9. You got a gun in your hands, what do you do with it?
  10. You get to talk with a celebrity, what is the first question you ask them?
  11. How do you deal with people you don’t like?

I nominate my Commanders:

Vyache, Huan Te, Obioma, Piper Pierce, Matt, Michael, Kiki, Sofia, Fauxcroft, Farheen and Soiba.

Yeah, my Commanders are great. Don’t believe me? Check it yourself.

March on my Commanders in Quill. Stop for no one.

26 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award 2

  1. I loved the answers so much… especially the rant one and the beach one..hehe…
    There is a soft heart in the outer hard cover of commander…😃…the last answers reveals it…
    Thanks again brother and Congratulations….
    May the quill powers increase ur writings

    Liked by 1 person

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