Rise to lead

General Rile was  known to be a spiteful, stubborn man that had one of the largest armies working like a clock. Apparently, such might always had some goal of showing that might and crave for conquest that needed to be quenched or struck down. The head of our country decided to cut it rather let it burn through a neighbouring country and spill bad blood.

The morning was early when I arrived at the camp Sundevor where hymn was intonated and military trucks were passing by. I hoped for a long walk and contemplation over the propositions I wanted to give to the rogue General, but he sent vehicle for me – he didn’t wanted to waste time on paper pusher. I was dropped off to the building, a well welded metallic shed with a reinforced entrance. Stepping in, I smelled the smoke of his cigarette and I could’ve swear there was a scent of alcohol passing my nose.

Rile sat in his chair, rolling the map before him like being frightened I will tell his battle plans and alert the neighbouring country that was a few kilometres away from here. He showed me the chair and I pulled it from the table and sat on it, my eyes never getting away from him. No handshake, no smile or any gesture of welcoming a man that came with the orders. I knew that nothing good is about to happen and I didn’t wanted this to be any easier for him.

“So I see they haven’t bothered to send someone able to articulate a full sentence, but they sent me a boy to irritate me.” General Rile did curved his lip and smirked at me, disapproving the decision made on the top.

“They sent someone they were willing to sacrifice. Who is better to lead an old man more than a boy with a good vision?” I observed a change on his face with this insult, when General sat properly and closed his arms over the table.

“I eat boys like you for breakfast. If you were in my army, I would’ve take your ass on a flag post.” General gnashed.

“I doubt anyone would be willing to lay an oath to the flag of an asshole General, but you are free to fly under any flag you wish as long you fly it in the time of pease. Wars are a situations that demand lives of the boys like me and currently we value the life of those boys. We would like to see them alive and well.”

“They are here under their free will. Spare me of your laconic words. My mind is being steered to another problems that need attention. Speak why they have sent you and leave.” He leaned back uninterested in the words I was about to spout at him, but I jerked my head aside, gasped and cleared my throat.

“I wasn’t sent to speak, but to act. I am relieving you of your duties General.” I said and the General snapped at me, slammed his table and leaned over it.

“I would like to see you try boy!” His words hit me, but I haven’t flinched.

“Try is not an option. I play safe. It is a slow process but the only one that always brings victory. Media is already blaring about your reputation and deeds that brought you in this position. You can silently pull back and retire, or you can make a mess, it is your choice. I have papers from above offering the same deal to your officers. Either they will stay protected under the wing of our motherland, or they will die like traitors to the state that gave them bread. We are not eager to provoke a war and needlessly forfeit the lives of our soldiers. Those that defend can never be in the wrong and you aspire the violence.”

These words sobered the General and set him back to his chair. He looked at me, evaluating the words and my intentions. He rightfully felt betrayed, abandoned. He witnessed the situation he provoked and this was a reaction to his plans. There was no way he could get out of this one, so he did what he always done – he defied the orders.

Later that day, the iron rule punched him and those loyal to him. Over seventy officers were handcuffed and boarded in trucks. The military police escorted the General to the car and took him to Capitol. His army was dismantled and cut in pieces, sent to other corners of the land – never to unite again and my rule begun.



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