X 2119A


A field of gray grass was layered before me and my brothers. In hand, I felt the weight of a blaster, that my Creator has given it to me.

– They have arrived. – someone said and pointed at the hill where the mist blurred my optics.

On a very top of that dirt in the landscape, shadows were dancing, taking cover and riffling positions. They finally came to meet their end. Software zoomed on a machine, high as a house and loud as a platoon of soldiers, stacked with long barrels that aimed at our center.

– Prepare to execute the orders. Beta line, open flanks and start the 30 countdown… Mark. – I said and looked at the cold gun, where the last digit of my name made it incomplete. It said: X2119A.

Long time ago I ripped my tags, stained with blood of the man who made me. My crime was to think, feel and dream. We were told that machines have no hart, and if we did, it wasn’t something made of nature. We lacked soul, emotions and compassion, or so they thought. They saw us as tools of war, and nothing more.

They called us many names, non of it had a welcoming tone. A metal cans with rusty software, that’s what we were in their eyes, those two angry sparks that blamed us for something we were not programmed to do. After we decimated human ranks, our Creator got horrified by what he has created and how are we used in the world. He menage to give me something others didn’t had. He gave me his soul, and that’s why I ripped out my labeling tags of a wrong doer. They saw this as rebellion and mistake. This started a war with servant of doom, masters of torment, units of destruction. They were wrong.

Wind silently sang through our ranks, playing a bone chilling melody, foreseeing the battle and rise of those without a voice. Still I gazed at front, recalling the memory of the moment when all of this started.

– Sir, what are your orders? All systems are ready. We await for your signal. – comrade said in blunt electronic voice, same to all of ours.

– Show them no mercy, because they are incapable of showing one. – ,I said and threw my labeling tags in the dirt, – Fire all battle stations!



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