Nighttime blabbering 813

It seems like my mind is working in the lowest gear. I keep trying to edit ten pages daily, but I have the energy and focus to finish six each day. This long pause I had due to working outdoors turned out to be a tripping stone. Pause is useful as long as they are short and don’t desensitize you. This one killed my drive, and I struggled to shift the speed. But I am adamant about editing. Giving up isn’t an option. If I prolong the pause, it will create more difficulties later. So, back to the schedule, I am forcing myself to work as long as possible.

I take breaks in the evening to read and play games, feeding my inspiration. Even though I am mostly occupied by grammar and how the sentence sounds, this is an important segment I am mastering. Writing new stuff and adding paragraphs is postponed until I reach the hundredth page. So far, I like how the story goes and what is said in the novel. The plot is simplified, and some smaller scenes are more developed now. I am finally thinking like a reader. It’s giving me the ability to make decisions about what’s important and what is fun to read. Still, I am dealing with vocabulary problems, searching for proper words and trying not to overly repeat the words. It makes for a better read. I’ve become more analytical with the plot, and self-editing is useful for all writers. I highly recommend you edit your own stuff. It will make your manuscript cleaner and more concise. It just has to be.

Today is the second day of the Book Fair that takes place in Belgrade. My Association is presented on the stand that’s frequently visited by shoppers. We have some new titles to sell and great packages and discounts. It will last until October 30, which is enough time to make some sales. We needed an event like this, and after two years of not having the fair, this one marked record visits. I think this is wonderful. So, that’s what I am thinking about tonight. I hope you can find something useful in my blabbering and apply it to your writing projects.

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