Nighttime blabbering 812

The last time I posted my blabbering, I got the notification a minute later. Apparently, I’ve been blabbering for six years. All that talking, and what did I learn? Well, I learned a lot. I realized that I couldn’t do much without people and their help. I learned much about editing, writing, styles, and design. I’ve learned that I should always come to you with a problem and ask what I don’t understand because there’s always someone who can point me in the right direction. Although smaller each year, I realized that the blogging community still stands strong. I’ve seen new people, blogs, and interesting ideas here on WordPress that inspire me to keep writing and maintaining this blogging hobby. Creativity needs people of different backgrounds and interests to work. If this was my first year, and I had this collective experience from blogging, I’d know there are challenges ahead and remarkable moments to share with a close circle of fans. I am not that famous for having fans like celebrities, but I can always count on the group I’ve harbored on this blog to meet me halfway and join a conversation. I had some brilliant editors and mentors who taught me much about what I wanted to accomplish. Each time I got stuck with some problem, my Commanders in Quill showed up with a solution. I am thankful, humbled by them, kept in check, and lifted up by the community that understands my goals. We all are headed toward something greater than ourselves. It’s an inspiring feeling of comradery that brings a smile to my face. A genuine sense of belonging grants me the energy to write. I thank you all for being there for me.


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