Nighttime blabbering 749

Writing a novel always gets you in two moods. The first is a creative drive when you zone out and just explore the world you are creating. The second is a standstill, a brain freeze that doesn’t let you forge a coherent thought and write it down to make sense. The best practice when that stall happens, it is to leave it alone and find another thing to pass the time until inspiration comes back. Now, I, an idiot, am forcing my way through that with a gambling game where I lay out five different options in the scene and just pick one to roll with. So, a hero and his sister agreed to look for a friendly unit in a ruined city while passing through a territory of a dangerous gang, and now, what happens? I know they’ll find the friendlies eventually, but what happens in this new territory? Do they get jumped? Nope. Can’t. Friendlies did that, and that is how they met. So, no repetition. Do they pass quietly? Nope. It’s impossible to stroll through a gunfight unseen. Okay. So, they just kill everyone? Yeah, that’s a hard no. The whole point of them hiding from seriously technologically advanced foes is not to use their powers in the open because those will attract more enemies they can’t fight. See, it’s hard, but a challenge is a challenge. Option A: they walk out of there, make another plan, and take another path. Seems reasonable. Option B: A vehicle chase; they barely escape with minor injuries. That’s action, and action is good, but the concept is an old one, and we can be more original. Option C: They burn the whole block down and leave it in ashes. Now we are talking about a badass moment here, y’all. I took this option, this scenario to go with. Juxtaposed to a rainstorm that happened to them yesterday today, they introduce flames to the plot, and it’s a pendulum swing from one event to an opposite one. Seeing them together like that brings in a dynamic and turbulent flow, and I like that very much. So, let’s light the world on fire, shall we?

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