Nighttime blabbering 523

I know you expect some fresh news every time you see the latest post, but this is not the case. The late winter came back with low temperatures, so I am locked in the house, anticipating the beautiful weather to go outside again, take a breath, relax. You know it’s about a damn time when an introvert needs air, people, and friend around himself. Well, an inspiration I cried over for two days is still gone, and now I need to walk somewhere, do something, get all the tension out of me, and work my way back to writing. Until that happens, I’ll have enough time to sort out a thousand articles on the portal I help manage. Perhaps this means that most of my free time will be reserved for reading. That’s the plan. Read more, be more outside, work out, write. And it’s going to be hard to follow these healthy habits because my first novel is out, demanding marketing. And then, there is this portal, and then a possible job opportunity. Either I will become more efficient with what I do if I want to keep living my life like this, or I’ll have to cut off some things in my life just to keep myself afloat. I got no career, job, wife, and kids so far, and time passed by. Waiting doesn’t solve a thing, you know that very well. Right now, something has to change. I need to reorganize, step back, estimate my next move, plan out the path and stick to it. Retrospection is the answer for the problems I have, and I didn’t check with myself what the hell is going on, am I satisfied, and where is the hold-up. That’s going to kick in the motivation, and motivation inspires inspiration. Monotony is killing me.

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