Nighttime blabbering 524

The time lengthened in my productive day. Each second grew, and the daylight stilled outside the window in a scene of warm red before the sunset. Fingers rested on the keyboard, eyes wide open, locked on an empty screen with only the cursor that flashed over and over again. Not blinking, not breathing. Nothing came to my head. Emptiness. I should’ve written that story – it crosses my mind, yet no coherent words, no bright idea came along to solve my inspiration problem. And the fingers stilled in one cramped position, hovering over the keys, over the letters. How to start? Where to start? This blog post seems more logical and better than everything I wrote on the virtual paper so far. Sunset colors shone through the window, marked the half of my face, blazed in my left eye, contours of my face imprinted on the wall on the right. The sound of TV suffocated the noise, kicked ideas out of my head, prevented them from forming, take hold of me, stopped them in their tracks. Music in my headphones, so delicate, beautiful, and chill, wasn’t enough to turn the gears into motion, make me write about grand victories, exciting people, colorful worlds. And the time lengthened, ever more tormenting my unresolved issue of what to write. There’s no doubt, this post sounds more like a story than the real thing I aim to create. Something is wrong. Some thing must be wrong, but what? The shade on the wall changed as my neck help turn my head toward the light. The warm sunset colors painted the cheeks in pink, the beard soaked in the orange, and the dark blue still linger under my eyes because of insomnia. Did you saw that gradation of colors and misdirection to my lack of sleep? How clever was that? I am attentive to how I write, what words I use, at which time I construct my sentences, but this is a post, not the story. There is no story. The paper is empty with that stupid cursor atop the page.

In other words, after 28 stories and posts on my Patreon, this is the first month in two years of consecutive storytelling that I am going to miss my deadlines and not post something. Happy Valentine’s Day to all the happy people out there. I am off to my bed.

3 thoughts on “Nighttime blabbering 524

  1. That’s a great story, but the end is missing: I went to bed to dream a dream of lands far away, beyond the boundaries of time and snow, a land where this man went for a reason he doesn’t understand, and when he returns at dawn, I shall tell you of his journey.
    the end.

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