System failure (Cage Dunn version)

Passengers rocked with the movement of the train. Most were on the phone, immersed. A chubby black woman looked neither left nor right, stared out the window opposite her seat, and a drunk in the back yelled verses of a song I didn’t recognize. Someone coughed. Everybody glared at the homeless man asleep over four … Continue reading System failure (Cage Dunn version)

Zero-day (story and critique) FREE

Zero-day By Shawn   Cashier typed in a cup of coffee the third time in a row, shook his head, scoffed, and gave me an apologetic look. “Sorry. It is the system. This is the fifth time this afternoon. We must be under serious attack“ he proclaimed and gave it another shot until he gave … Continue reading Zero-day (story and critique) FREE

Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)

I counted 18 425 days since my activation. Time flies when you are seeking the next mission. My front deck crackled above the cooling heart of 1 500 horsepower, while the core status flashed red. Rustling dry grass rippled in the vast dark-yellow field touched by the wind. My filters registered pollution in the smooth … Continue reading Memoirs of MBT Arthur (story and critique) (FREE)