Phantom generation (full + finale)

The night was the time when a back-alley part of the city came to life. Neon lights, dim music, and black-clad men on the streets, all of it belonged to a subculture of Sectoria. Bums near the trash cans, they only look nonthreatening, but they play a role. They observe what was left of the … Continue reading Phantom generation (full + finale)


Phantom generation 2

The message on the phone told him to get back to the precinct. He dropped his phone and rolled over the side.  It was a gloomy morning, not like others. With a heaviness in feet, he got to a sitting position. He moved his hair and looked at the numerous bullet scars in his legs, … Continue reading Phantom generation 2

The Riot

Several thousand cyborgs and androids gathered in front of the Armatech main gate to oppose the legislation which would stop the production of the certain motherboards. The Mithrian PD was called to lock the grid and hold the frantic mob away from the building and the factory. Delta Kay 554 pulled me back from the … Continue reading The Riot