Out of words (snippet)

I stood among the pillars that held the balcony, the flag fluttered over my head, people passed me by. I tried to pull out the smoke from the eco-cigarette, either the ampoule was at the end, or the battery was going low. Nevertheless, the taste was cheap and poor in flavor. A group of people came out of … Continue reading Out of words (snippet)


Digital Prophet (Full + finale)

The celestial link downloaded the updates. All of my data, mission report, entered the 'main hub', the administration had an insight in my doings. A robotic hand, paired with the orb drones helped me patch the wounds from the last raid. Machines, they didn't bother to be gentle. Why would they? I wasn't their own. … Continue reading Digital Prophet (Full + finale)

The Riot

Several thousand cyborgs and androids gathered in front of the Armatech main gate to oppose the legislation which would stop the production of the certain motherboards. The Mithrian PD was called to lock the grid and hold the frantic mob away from the building and the factory. Delta Kay 554 pulled me back from the … Continue reading The Riot