Out of words (snippet)

I stood among the pillars that held the balcony, while the flag fluttered over my head and people passed me by. I tried to inhale the smoke from eco-cigarette, either the ampoule was at the end, or the battery was low. Nevertheless, the taste was cheap and of poor flavor. A group of people came … Continue reading Out of words (snippet)

Matochian Thieves

Ildocians were too smart to meet us in the slums so I proposed to them an open field outside Matock. It was an old military base Ildocains frequently obtained and lost after our Master of Treasury Keeper charged them with enormous taxes. We knew how to blackmail people, just like teaching your kids. You want … Continue reading Matochian Thieves

The Riot

Several thousand cyborgs and androids gathered in front of the Armatech main gate to oppose the legislation which would stop the production of the certain motherboards. The Mithrian PD was called to lock the grid and hold the frantic mob away from the building and the factory. Delta Kay 554 pulled me back from the … Continue reading The Riot