The Prophet of Gomorrah (announcement)

Read the Digital Prophet I wrote a few years ago? Remember that? How would you like to see the next upgrade on that story under a new title, “The Prophet of Gomorrah”? Um, this is not negotiable. I already planned to post this rewritten story, so… here we go.

Julia Seraphimova, better known as an Angel of Death, roams Moscow’s streets looking for rebels. All religions are banned. All congregation sites burned. All men must bow before the King of Gomorrah.

In the world of chaos, we question our moral beliefs, our honesty, and purity. These are testing times, and only those who are faithful to themselves shall prevail. Get ready for a full story, edited over a dozen times, intended to be published in an anthology, but now coming to Patreon. The Prophet of Gomorrah is coming to you this Christmas.

There should be some visual effects to bring out the charm of this epic announcement, but damn, let’s go without it.

Ahm, whish, whoosh, swoosh, December 25th, just on Patreon. Read the full announcement and get the snippet HERE.

Here is the cover. Subscribe to my Patreon, because why not? I make stories every month.

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