Some people love rain (OUT NOW)

Here we are, at the possible end of sharing stories, and the beginning of a brand new line of posting various material for your entertainment. It is unclear what I will surprise you with in the upcoming days, but I’ll have something interesting for you the next month. I am experimenting here, testing things, looking for anything that would provide me time and inspiration to keep on doing this.

This April is the month when I am giving you one of my best short stories that gathered many positive comments. Many people read it in Serbian, expressed their thoughts, and most of them were positive, encouraging, and friendly. I took time to translate it into English, and today I am giving it to you for a read.

In a world where everything runs on artificial intelligence, where every segment of your life is recorded, where no crime goes unseen or unpunished, we ride along with a man in one day of his life. See the new world full of happiness, pleasure, controlled weather, and living conditions. Experience humbleness, calm, and absolute tranquility. There is nothing to irritate you, insult you, offend or disrespect your persona, but the system is specifically designed to keep everything in balance. Enter the world there is no escape from. Enter, and forget you ever existed.

Some people love rain. Some people don’t like it. And some people will be silenced because of their opinions.

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