Nighttime blabbering 673

This post will be about design. A few days back, I took on a challenge to create an Instagram mosaic with nine photos in one concept art as a discount promo on all of the novels my Association published. Association is a non-profit, non-political, and purely voluntary organization, so publishing nine novels in three years is a lot, whit every publishing project costing around 1000 euros, which are three minimum paying monthly salaries in my country. So, it’s an expensive thing to work in publishing, but we had a lot of help during the years and some financial aids from those that love science fiction, and all of its sub-genres.

The original idea behind making a mosaic was to take different genres, different novel covers and somehow implement them together to build a bigger picture. From epic fantasy warriors to noir detectives, horror, and post-apocalypse, I had a difficult job combining all of that in one photo. Firstly, I had to make a background, and I lost a lot of time there adding and morning clouds to create a solid base. I wanted to make the cropped-out heroes from the novel stand on the clouds with their novels in the back. This means that in the background, I had to use clouds to make platforms on which the elements will stand, but that was wrong of me to try. I am not that good of a designer, and I didn’t like how the samples looked like. I usually copy and paste the samples and try to incorporate them in a different way, so it’s always an original thing. This time, that didn’t work, so I deleted the background and imported a photo of a cloudy sky. After that, I added the book covers, organized them in specific cubes on the grid I made in Photoshop and added the cropped-out heroes. From that point on, I was going along with ideas, looked for PNG transparent photos and elements I could use as effects, and just played with it until I got the first picture done. There are nine pictures in total, and every single one had to be modeled manually and separately. I mean, each novel is a photo on its own, and only if you put them together, they make bigger concept art.

My point here is, the photos I made should’ve stood on their own, and then be also useful in a mosaic. It’s a multi-purposeful concept. You can look at one of them, and they are a complete project and then, they are also building blocks you could use in a puzzle. I love those utility ideas where you can use one object in multiple ways. It’s practical. I think this utility character brings more value to anything out there. Imagine a Swiss army knife, but the same thing goes for all other tools.

I want to note that every effect you are going to see is added manually, crafted, and molded to the size and shape I needed. Every building, character and object is added, and then repainted, repaired, and reshaped. I really put in the hours, and I managed to make this within a day. Take a look and tell me what you think. This one is posted on my Instagram profile. I made it for myself.

And this is the final product that will be posted on the AVKF Instagram profile to promote our work.

The middle is a photo of all genre editions the Association has published.

Not that bad for my first attempt at making a mosaic. I’ll make one more for my profile, but much simpler and fun, with quotes from the novel. All in all, I had fun making this, and my fellow writers loved the concept and shared their novel covers and art on their profiles, so that’s a very good result. It made me happy.

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