On blogging (video)

I don't need to say more than I already did in the video. The thing is, I am very satisfied with WordPress and the people on it make it a gem that it is. I'm grateful for the Commanders I've met, all 50-60 of you that bare that title. Since I've met you guys, I've … Continue reading On blogging (video)


Nighttime blabbering 328

I get the feeling I am repeating myself in these blabberings. I try to be original and sound interesting when I talk about what is going on with my life. Perhaps that is a task too much. It could be the weather, but I don't want to blame the forces of nature for how I … Continue reading Nighttime blabbering 328


I've been away for quite some time, but I had a good reason. Watch all about it in the video below. These two weeks I've been away from home were full of activities. I went to Niš, but haven't planned to stay there for long, That changed instantly and I had to drop everything I … Continue reading ROAD TRIP