Your rain (announcement)

Humankind sent probes and satellites to space and those objects flew through the vacuum until it crashed an asteroid. Those probes carried a time capsule containing worldly knowledge. An asteroid kept traveling, hitting more and more technological objects, came to a trail of space junk, gained mass and magnified the surface which attracted more and … Continue reading Your rain (announcement)

Just Ashley (story and critique)

Just Ashley By Shawn My parents are kind people, always available to help, generous, virtuous. On the day I was born, they rushed to the hospital, made my father wait in the hall while the mother was in delivery. I heard a story of her smile when she heard me cry, and doctors and nurses … Continue reading Just Ashley (story and critique)

The Shame

Bar was always full with young men that looked for a brief fun in late hours. College girls waited for someone to take them in the dark room, while the corporate men chugged the expensive drinks in the corner. Regular thugs used this time to gather courage before they hit the street, so the night … Continue reading The Shame