Digital Prophet (Full + finale)

The celestial link downloaded the updates. All of my data, mission report, entered the 'main hub', the administration had an insight in my doings. A robotic hand, paired with the orb drones helped me patch the wounds from the last raid. Machines, they didn't bother to be gentle. Why would they? I wasn't their own. … Continue reading Digital Prophet (Full + finale)

Last Reaper Standing (Reloaded)

I had to crawl up, right to the peak of teeth sharp broken wall, from where the field was opening in a view on a vast region, covered with craters. Finally, I reached my location, placed my sniper in the rubble and adjusted the scope. A buzzing bullet flew over my helmet. They were in … Continue reading Last Reaper Standing (Reloaded)

The Shame

Bar was always full with young men that looked for a brief fun in late hours. College girls waited for someone to take them in the dark room, while the corporate men chugged the expensive drinks in the corner. Regular thugs used this time to gather courage before they hit the street, so the night … Continue reading The Shame