Rain journal entry 14

Year: 3180 Location: Oregon base, Dog Constellation, Space ID: 4112 48  522 It's been three days since we came here. Captain Claydon ordered our Navigator to shadow the main operator on the main floor and report if she finds any changes. Sadly, she did. "Deep space radar caught a signal from the top of the … Continue reading Rain journal entry 14

Rise of AVKF (Reuploaded)

Intro To show how much is the Balkan interest into the Sci-Fi, I must mention yet another website and a small group of people that use their time to promote various genres. I wrote about Sci-Fi Society and Lazar Komarčić SFA, but they are not alone in the Balkan. There are more of these people … Continue reading Rise of AVKF (Reuploaded)