Memoirs of the MBT Arthur (announcement)

It is 50 years since the war started, the population escaped underground while the firestorms are blowing on the surface, changing the landscape with a thunderous clap. Fear from metal hands, from the shadows in the mist, occupy the monther's hearts, while light glow dims from the bullet holes in the tunnel walls. This is … Continue reading Memoirs of the MBT Arthur (announcement)

Time travel paradox (story and critique)

Time travel paradox Story by Shawn   „Protective gloves, check. Vortex proximity drive holding at 3.45 degrees dilation, check. Mars bar, check, and check.“, Jib counted his essentials. „Seriously? You are wearing a plastic wrap for clothing, about to travel million years after the dinosaur got extinct, set up a command post for the incoming … Continue reading Time travel paradox (story and critique)